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Will you commit an hour every day to pray for the drug problem in your community?
Prayer Blitz will take place April 14-28. Join us!

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Sunday Celebration

Apr/29/18 10:00 AM


May/3/18 7:30 PM

Mothers of Preschoolers meeting

Middle School Youth Group

May/5/18 6:00 PM

Fun, fellowship and Word time for middle school kids

Sunday Celebration

May/6/18 10:00 AM

Middle School Youth Group

May/12/18 6:00 PM

Fun, fellowship and Word time for middle school kids

About our Service

  • Praise the Lord for the wonderful things He has done
  • Intimate Worship exalting the Lord for who He is
  • Share God’s Word to challenge and grow our faith
  • Offer prayer so the Lord can confirm His Word
  • Giving and Communion as a part of our service at any time

Though these are a part of our Sunday Service, we are in no hurry and therefore they are subject to change with the moving of the Holy Spirit…

Who we Are

A local church that builds upon the principles that Jesus gave to His disciples that is revealed in the Book of Acts, especially in Acts 2:40-47. Our focus is upon all people of all ages and backgrounds connecting together and acting upon God’s Word by grace through faith. Faith Covenant Church is a non-denominational local church that is both community and globally minded as we reach out to the world around us.